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Attempting to Hang on: Groppi…محاولة صمود: جروبي


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2014-01-28 16.07.13

لا زلت أذكر من طفولتي حكايات عن مآدب “جروبي” و شيكولاتاته. الشيء الذي علق بذهني دون غيره هو المارون جلاسيه (الكستناء أو أبو فروة المسكّرة). لا زلت أذكرعرض علب المارون جلاسيه في قلب فرع جروبي بشارع عدلي. ساقتني الأقدار لزيارة جروبي عدة مرات مؤخرا و لم أجد أثرا لعلب المارون جلاسيه فسألت إحدي العاملات عنه. أخذتني بهدوء إلي زاوية في أخر المحل تقبع فيها ثلاجة كبيرة و أخرجت علبة من الكرتون ليس عليها أي كتابات أو رسومات و قدمتها إليّ قائلة “ها هو”. السعر كان صدمة صغيرة و عندما سألت عن السر في إختفاء العلب من قلب المحل شرحت ببساطة “لم نعد نصنعه بل نستورده. الصنايعيّة ماتوا”

أسقط في يدي. يا ترى كم شيء سيختفي أو إختفي من حياتنا لأن “الصنايعيّة ماتوا”؟ لمن لا يعرف جروبي و تاريخه و ربما مر من أمام أحد فروعه فلم يلق بالا له، عليكم بقراءة هذه المقالة الرائعة عن تاريخ جروبي و الصور إلتقطتها لفرع سليمان باشا/طلعت حرب

2014-01-21 10.35.08

I still remember, from my childhood,  stories about Groppi’s fine catering and chocolates. What stuck with me the most was their marron glaces. I still remember the display of marron glaces (candied chestnuts) boxes at the center of Groppi’s Adly branch. I visited Groppi a few times recently and could not find a trace of that sweet indulgence. I asked the lady behind the counter about it. She took me quietly to a large fridge at the back of the shop, pulled out a plain carton box with no labels and told me “here it is”. The price was a small shock and when I asked why they no longer have the familiar display of boxes, she explained “we no longer make it. We import it. The craftsmen are dead”.

Hearing that shattered a childhood dream. I wonder how many things we will lose or have already lost because “the craftsman died”? For those who do not know Groppi and its history and may have passed in front of one of its branches not giving it a second look, I found this fantastic article about the history of Groppi. I hope you enjoy it along with the few pics below from their Soliman Pasha/Talaat Harb branch.

2014-01-21 10.49.20

2014-01-28 16.07.08

2014-01-21 10.50.02



  1. Adam Armstrong says:

    I will try to visit Groppi in a few weeks, I will look for the marron glace…hope to find some…they had great christmas stuff too ranging from chocolate santas to gingerbread cottages with snow icing on the roofs…a lot of childhood memories and teenage ones too. I hope someone with historic sense will do something about that iconic place. An ice cream was named after Josephine Baker was a groppi thing!

  2. ahakki2014@optonline.net says:

    I just received a box of maroons glace today brought to the New York from Groppi in Cairo. The box is perfect and says GROPPI Depuis 1891.And each chestnut is wrapped in gold wrapper that says GROPPI Depuis 1891!
    The person who brought it got back from Egypt two weeks ago.
    I received the box today December 11,2016

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