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Egypt through Dina’s Eyes….مصر بعيون دينا


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قليلون هم من يستطيعون رؤية الجمال في مشاهد يومية عادية و لكن الله حبا دينا الشيخ بهذه الموهبة. أدعوكم لرؤية مصر بعيون دينا، فهي حقا جميلة بألوانها الطبيعية

 A few people can see beauty in every day scenes, but Dina El Skeikh has been blessed with that talent. I invite you to see Egypt through Dina’s eyes. It is really beautiful in its true colours!








All photos are from Dina’s Instagram account. Follow her @dinaelsheikh for more of Egypt’s true colours.

الصور من حساب دينا علي الإنستجرام. تابعوها هنا للمزيد من ألوان مصر الطبيعية



  1. Dina El Sheikh says:

    Thank you so much for all that support, it really means a lot to me. And please be assured that when the day comes and I’ll exhibit these pictures, you’ll be the first on my guest list.
    Wishing you a Ramadam Karim and a Eid Mubarak in advance:)

  2. Dina El Sheikh says:

    Dear Qousqoza7 Team;
    I was surfing the web, and I have noticed that you have featured my pictures from my instagram profile, thank you I appreciate that. But I’d like to draw to your attention that one of the pictures isn’t mine (the chandelier dangling from the ceiling). Anyway, next time please give me a heads up…I had no clue that you guys were giving me a shout out 🙂
    Thanks a million,

    • سحر Sahar says:

      Hi Dina! Happy to see you here and thanks for drawing my attention to the chandelier photo. I have now deleted it.Love your work. Keep it and hope to see it exhibited one day soon 🙂

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